To be in accordance with Zapata Racing’s rules and regulations new dealers must have completed the following:

In order to operate an approved Flyboard rental and training facility, all instructors must have successfully completed a 6 – 8 hour operator’s safety and training course.  To receive your instructor’s certificate, you must have recorded 20 hours of time on the flyboard.  Your time on the flyboard is recorded by you and given back to us @ Liquid Flight.  Your time log must be accompanied by photos or short video showing your improvements.  When we receive your flight log we will issue your Zapata Racing/Liquid Flight master instructors certificate.

The Full day (instructors course) class will go through the following points in depth:

  • Safety
  • Knowledge of your equipment
  • Understanding of the Flyboard manual and its safety rules
  • Equipment management
  • Developpement of your personal technique
  • Mastering of the throttle control, flyboard and jetski.
  • Tips and helpful hints on business startup and operation