William was certified on May 22nd 2013. His attraction and intrigue, followed by a daily drive to better himself, has brought him to new heights. Currently, William is a Super Dealer and Master Instructor for Zapata Racing, reporting to Enric Etievent out of Michigan. William started Liquid Flight, LLLP in April 2013. Last summer he did some mind blowing exhibition shows and private parties. He flew for 200+ people at the Waukegan Illinois Power Squadron show. They loved it so much that they had him give a speech at their yacht club dinner that night. Then He went to Michigan to his family compound in Frankfort. He began posting videos of myself Flyboarding on Facebook and the rest is history. He got a phone call about a week after he started posting the videos. It was Enric Etievent from Zapata Racing. He told William that he had been watching his videos and wanted him to become Michigan’s one and only super dealer. That means that Liquid Flight trains and certifies the people who want to become Flyboard dealers or distributors. Next was the night show. This show was for “The White Party” at Brownies on the water, located on the nautical mile in lake St Clair Michigan. Then Liquid Flight, (Bill and William) also performed at the 2013 Rockin the Farm music festival at Lindy’s Landing in Wauconda, Illinois. The festival was on network radio 103.9 the FOX, in Chicago. A special thanks to all the people who’ve helped make this possible!